Bottle Sparklers for Every Occasion

Bottle service sparklers are an excellent tool to draw attention to any event or celebration. Champagne sparklers burn for 40-45 seconds and their sparkler showers extend six to eight inches high, producing a bright shower of white sparks. Nightlife Supplier's champagne bottle sparklers make presenting a bottle of expensive champagne or liquor a dramatic event for birthdays and special occasions. By using bottle service sparklers, a business can dramatically increase its appeal to customers who will enjoy using them for their own celebrations and events. Even a single champagne sparkler can attract the attention of other individuals, who will no doubt decide to join in on the fun. 

Types of Uses for Champagne Bottle Sparklers

In addition to being used as champagne service sparklers, these sparklers can be attached to cakes, pies or other food items in order to create a dramatic statement. This can be especially useful for anniversary cakes or company parties. Another excellent use for a bottle sparkler is to recognize individuals at a celebration. By lighting the sparklers before bringing the champagne or cake, every eye in the establishment is drawn to him or her, making the award or recognition all the more impressive. This can turn what would normally be an everyday event into an unforgettable experience as the lucky individual is presented with champagne bottle sparklers as part of their recognition or award.