Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips

Bottle Sparklers Safety Single clips are ideal for your nightclub bottle service. Stop using rubber bands or tape to attached your sparklers to your bottles. Our champagne sparkler safety clips are a much safer way to fasten your sparklers to your champagne and liquor bottles not to mention that these clips look much more professional than using rubber band of tape. 

For your ultra VIPs, you may want to consider our bottle sparkler safety triple clips as they can attach up to 3 sparklers to a bottle. As bottle service is becoming increasingly popular these days, this is the perfect product to make your super high level VIPs feel more important than your regular VIPs becase they will have not 1, not 2 but 3 bottle sparklers on their bottle which will draw more attention to them when their bottles are coming to their table. 

To attach 2 sparklers to a bottle, you can use two of our single safety clips (one right above the other) and turned on opposide sides to be able to attached 1 sparkler to each side of the bottle. This is a preferred method used by many nightclubs, lounges and bars. 

Our bottle sparkler single clips are made of a high quality and super durable polycarbonate and our triple safety bottle clips are made of a high quality hard plastic.