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  • LED Strobe Baton for your VIPs at your club or lounge
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  • LED Flashing Sparkler
  • LED Strobe Baton Wand
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LED Strobe Baton

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Product Description

Our Brand NEW Version 2.0 LED Strobe Baton is here!

LED Strobe Baton: Best Alternative for Traditional LED Bottle Sparkler

A nightclub is a place where people come to have fun, and it’s important to invest in great lighting equipment, such as LED strobe lighting. Most high tech nightclubs use this LED strobe baton to add dramatic effects, and a club can use an LED flashing wand to add an edge to the venue, making it look attractive and trendy. The use of an LED wand or baton has become the norm in many clubs, and this has led to the production of more high-tech LEDs, such as those used in our LED strobe baton. Laser lighting and nightclub lights use different processes to control operations and the type of lighting you use for your club is very crucial because if your guests like it, they will become loyal customers. The use of a strobe baton has become a great way to attract attention and bring positive results for your VIP bottle and table services. Use of an LED strobe baton has become a common practice in many nightclubs all around the world, and LED lights have also made their way to venues and concerts, thus making them more popular.  

The LED strobe baton has become a revolutionary product that is designed for use in today’s modern clubs, bars, hotels, and restaurants around the world. These ultra bright lights give off a strobe lighting effect, and the LED flashing wand can easily be attached to a champagne bottle by using our bottle safety clips. The bottle sparklers have various multifunctional settings and are safe to hold by hand without heating up. The LED strobe baton is safe and non-hazardous, and this means that there are no risk of flames, smoke, or any other danger.

An LED strobe baton has become the best alternative for the traditional LED bottle sparkler, thus making it a favorite among many bar owners. When your employees wave these LED strobe batons in the air as they serve bottles to your VIP clients, your guests will feel even more exclusive as all eyes will be on them. The strobe batons require batteries to function and are reusable. Nightclub owners have been able to make huge profits thanks to our LED strobe batons, because they leave the customers mesmerized and wanting more.

Our strobe batons are currently the newest and most exciting electronic LED flashing wand that is being used by nightclubs for their VIP section and bottle sparklers. This type of LED lighting has become the best option for a champagne bottle sparkler, making it very popular with events and venues that find it difficult to use traditional sparklers. The LED strobe baton is reliable, affordable and attractive, and it has 10 high powered LED lights that allow it to have the same lighting effect as bottle sparklers.

These LED Strobe Batons require 6 AAA batteries (not included) and are 100% safe, affordable and reusable.

Product Videos

LED Strobe Baton by 00:16 LED strobe batons are a great alternative to bottle sparklers and are available to you exclusively at

Product Reviews

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  1. Great LED Strobe Baton Wands

    Posted by DJ on 9th Jul 2014

    The LED Strobe Baton Wands are GREAT!!! Ultra bright LEDs get the whole club looking at the bottle service girls when they are serving our VIPs on their tables. Highly Recommended!

  2. Best Bottle Sparklers Alternative

    Posted by James Austin, New York on 1st May 2013

    Our venue wasn't able to use bottle sparklers anymore so we are using these now as a substitute to bottle sparklers and they are amazing! We purchased 15 of these LED Strobe batons because we have a very large nightclub but I would recommend 7 or 8 of these batons for smaller venues that are no longer using champagne sparklers or want to try out something different for their VIP Bottle Service.

  3. Amazing Product!

    Posted by Susan Hancock, Dallas on 9th Mar 2013

    These batons have a very vibrant strobe effect and compliments the bottle sparklers very well. We've been using these at our venue for a week now and they are a big hit!

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