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Champagne Sparklers

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Product Description

Try our NEW EXTENDED BURN Champagne Bottle Sparklers that last 50-55 seconds compared to these normal Bottle Sparklers that last 30-35 seconds. 

Champagne sparklers can create a buzz at a party like no other. Even though champagne bottle sparklers are available aplenty all over the internet and in stores, their safety and reliability is not a given. These sparklers, available all over the country are used extensively in nightclubs of Las Vegas, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Washington, Seattle, Cleveland, Miami, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Houston, Tampa and Orlando.

These champagne bottle sparklers can be attached to any liquor bottle to add to the party mood. These bottle sparklers do not generate a lot of smoke, which is a mood-kill for every party. The sparklers last 40 to 45 seconds, which is much longer than the average sparklers, available in the markets, last. These safe champagne sparklers shoot as high as half a foot or even higher, which adds much excitement to the event.

Our champagne sparklers have been used by a lot of prestigious companies and even individuals simply looking to throw a big bash for someone’s birthday, bar mitzvah, anniversary or bachelor party. Apart from using these sparklers in liquor bottles, you can even stick them on top of birthday cake and light up the birthday boy or girl’s celebrations. Candles are a passé, opt for these sparklers instead for flair. The champagne sparklers even have safety cake tips which help in easy insertion on cake tops and keep the sparklers in place. Small parties or big, champagne sparklers can make more memorable pictures and videos. Our sparklers last long enough for making minute long videos, but on special requests and orders, we make taller sparklers which last longer.

For safety reasons, clips are recommended with the sparklers. These fit easily on to bottles of various sizes and keep the sparklers in place without fail. The main reason behind using these inexpensive contraptions is safety; they do not involve fiddly tapes, rubber bands and are very durable.

The champagne bottle sparklers have CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), which is a standard you should look for before buying any sparkler. You can buy a case or half to at wholesale discount prices. We serve to over 5000 nightclubs across the country and our happy customers would vouch for the combination of entertainment and safety that our sparklers represent. Using our champagne sparklers, add excitement to your party, keep your guests hooked on fun and thrill.

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Champagne Sparklers | Champagne Bottle Sparklers For Your Nightclub

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  1. We used champagne sparklers to celebrate our engagement with family and friends.

    Posted by David Titus, San Antonio on 9th Mar 2013

    We wanted something to give the news of our engagement a big bang. We got some champagne sparklers to celebrate our engagement with family and friends at a picnic we had, and it was a hit.They made it feel even more special and were a great surprise with our guests. These were fun and made a special announcement even more special!

  2. These champagne sparklers have really increased sales!

    Posted by Paul O'Donnel, New Jersey on 24th Feb 2013

    We noticed a pretty big difference in sales of champagne versus other drinks recently, and thought we needed something to increase sales. Not only did these champagne sparklers increase sales of champagne, but we have been getting so much attention for this fun service! People love these for bachelorette parties and engagements. They are really special. I am so happy with our champagne sparklers!

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