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Our new dessert sparklers are sure to light up the faces of your customers at your restaurant, or your friends and family at private parties. These dessert sparklers are certain to add the element of surprise to ordinary desserts, creating a new level of excitement to any dish.

Our dessert sparklers are available in a:

  • Starter case of 40 sparklers

  • Mini case of 80 sparklers

  • Small case of 160 sparklers

  • Med case of 240 sparklers

  • Large case of 400 sparklers

  • XL case of 480 sparklers

  • XXL case of 720 sparklers

  • XXXL case of 960 sparklers

Top off your dessert with a spark by trying our dessert sparklers today. If, for some reason, you're not happy with Nightlife Supplier’s dessert sparklers, return them within 14-days for a full refund.

If you are looking for a longer lasting burn time, try our new extended burn dessert sparklers which last 50-55 seconds, compared to these normal dessert sparklers which last 30-35 seconds.

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