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36 inch Gold Wire Sparklers

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Product Description

If you're looking for the pinnacle of 36 inch wedding sparklers, you've found them. These impressive 36 inch sparklers simply dazzle everyone who witnesses their brilliant cascade of light. These are far longer lasting than average sparklers, even compared with other size 36 sparklers, that you may have encountered. Their glittering shower continues for four minutes, which offers plenty of time to start a sensation among your guests.

There's something even beyond the seemingly effervescing light show with these 36 inch sparklers. It's hard to describe, but the low sizzling sound they make just adds to their charm and appeal. Nicer still, perhaps, is the fact that these size 36 wedding sparklers are created for a minimum of smoke. There are few places where you'll find, what we call, our wedding sparklers 36 inch; they are made just for very special events. They're not just any 36 inch sparklers, they are specifically designed to be 36 inch long wedding sparklers. The wedding type is a special class of sparklers, beyond anything you might have played with as a child. 

There might be imitators out there, but none are like our size 36 sparklers. As we said, they are created first and foremost to be 36 inch wedding sparklers, not just run of the mill sparklers. Our specially made size 36 wedding sparklers outshine imitators. Multitudes of sparks sizzle, jump, and then waft effortlessly from these size 36 sparklers. 

It's hard to imagine a bride and groom, or their guests, feeling more childlike excitement than the moment when the special size 36 wedding sparklers are lit. The spectacle seems to ignite true joy among those who witness the show. There is something universally appealing about such a beautiful show. As long as you make sure to order these, which we call our wedding sparklers 36 inch, you'll be assured you're getting the right sparklers for making memories. 

Make sure you order extras of these, the ones with our premier designation of wedding sparklers 36 inch. By ordering extras, you'll be able to test them at rehearsal. You might even like to offer them to your wedding party as part of a gift package, so they can be dazzled again at their own event. Pardon the pun, but we think our 36 inch wedding sparklers might just offer the most bang for the buck, or sizzle for your money, that money can buy.

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  1. These truly made the different in our wedding pictures!

    Posted by Jessica Riley, Los Angeles on 22nd Jul 2013

    Our photographer insisted we get sparklers for our sendoff and we're so glad we took his advice. These sparklers gave him plenty of time to capture some great pictures as these lasted for a good 4 minutes. Everyone had a great time with them and they really created some great memories that we captured for a lifetime. I can't see how any wedding can do without these. Thanks you Nightlife Supplier for the super fast shipping.

  2. The perfect wedding send off

    Posted by Jennifer Sims, Los Angeles on 23rd Jun 2013

    I can honestly say that no wedding is complete without sparklers. These 36 inch long sparklers were the perfect finishing touch for our wedding send off.

    Our photographer managed to get some really great pictures with everyone's faces lit up as these sparklers were burning. Our friends that are getting married at the end of the year will be doing the same thing. Thanks for the quick shipping and FREE Shipping :)

  3. Everyone should get sparklers for weddings!

    Posted by Stacy Lind, Cleveland on 23rd Feb 2013

    Sparklers for weddings are such a better idea than bubbles. They are fun and unique and they make your pictures look awesome. For how many you get, they are a great deal. These were a huge hit at our wedding!

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