Wedding Confetti Hand Flick

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Nightlife Supplier’s confetti cones come loaded in 6-inch tubes. Wedding confetti brings a special touch of magic to any wedding ceremony or reception. You can make the moment even more memorable by personalizing our new 6-inch confetti cones. All our confetti launchers are filled with white biodegradable, flame retardant tissue confetti.

These 6-inch tubes work perfectly in low ceilings, and require no Co2 to operate. Simply flick your wrist and watch the magic begin as the confetti flutters, flies, and floats into the air, adding an unforgettable touch of elegance to any wedding!

We now offer either gold or silver metallic labels where you can imprint the date, as well as the bride’s and groom’s name on the tube. These personalized labels are the perfect way to remember your special celebration.

WARNING: Do not point, flick or fling towards anyone while using.