Wedding Cake Sparklers EXTENDED BURN

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Wedding cake sparklers are used as an easy way to transform any wedding or private ceremony. And with Nightlife Supplier’s extended burn wedding cake sparklers, you can be sure that your celebration creates an unforgettable experience.

Our extended burn wedding cake sparklers are available in a:

  • Starter case of 40 sparklers

  • Mini case of 80 sparklers

  • Small case of 160 sparklers

  • Med case of 240 sparklers

  • Large case of 400 sparklers

  • XL case of 480 sparklers

  • XXL case of 720 sparklers

  • XXXL case of 960 sparklers

Nightlife Supplier’s extended burning wedding cake sparklers are a low-cost way to make your wedding memorable, and burn brightly for 50-55 seconds. All of Nightlife Supplier’s wedding cake sparklers comes with a red spike attached to the bottom of the sparkler for you to insert into your wedding cake.