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We provide VIP Bottle Sparklers across the country. This will tremendously help grow your business along with boosting the sales of your VIP Bottle Service. VIP Bottle Sparklers are used at nightclubs in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, Houston, Tampa, Orlando and Seattle.

VIP Bottle Sparklers can be used for champagne bottles as much as any other liquor bottle and are geared towards the hospitality industry. We provide the best quality sparklers that last between 40-45 seconds and we also offer super fast delivery at a low price.

Buy these sparklers today for your Nightclub, Lounge or Special Event. For your Wedding, take a look at our Wedding Sparklers. For your restaurant, take a look at our Big Birthday Cake Sparklers or our Dessert Sparklers.