Flashing Bubble Rings

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When nightclub owners are looking for the best ways to add a touch of color to their nightclub or venue, many choose bottle sparklers, LED foam glow sticks, and glow straws. If you have already offered guests these popular nightclub items, consider adding our popular flashing bubble rings to your arsenal of party supplies! Our flashing rings are available in colors such as blue, pink, yellow, green, purple, and red, and come in cases ranging from 48 to 96 rings.

While many partygoers choose to wear these stylish pieces of flair on their fingers, our flashing rings can also be worn as hair ties or used as napkin rings. Whether you want to hand party rings out at the door, or you would like to reserve them for your VIPs, your guests will be amazed by how beautiful these rings look while glowing brightly in the dark. Shop Nightlife Supplier now to get started!

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