Bottle Serving Tray Basic

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Nothing exudes elegance more than a premium bottle serving tray from Nightlife Supplier. This high-quality product is a must have for bottle service in any nightclub, bar or lounge. Our bottle serving tray will allow you to show your VIP guests that you are an upscale venue with great VIP service! Designed to keep all of your bottle service items neatly organized, Nightlife Supplier’s bottle serving tray is designed to make it easy for VIP hosts to carry bottles, mixers, ice buckets, and more. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose Nightlife Supplier for all of your nightclub’s needs.

Basic Bottle Serving Tray Includes

  • Two Carafes

  • Two Garnish Bowls

  • One Ice Bucket

Please allow 12-15 days to ship as this product is produced on demand.