Train Your Staff on Sparkler Safety

24th Sep 2015

Lighting up your nightclub with champagne and bottle service sparklers can make a great impression on your customers, but it's important that your staff know how to properly handle the sparklers when they're carrying the bottles to the table. By training your waiters and waitresses on proper sparkler safety, you can be sure that everyone will have a great time in your club.

Everyone knows that sparklers burn very hot, so making sure there's enough space to set the bottles down on the table will ensure that nothing tips over and the sparks don't get too close to patrons or their clothing. By using our bottle sparkler safety clips, there will less of a chance of a lit sparkler coming loose and falling off the champagne bottle. Our cake and dessert sparklers are designed to remain stable while the plates are being carried out, and it's best to inform your staff to walk slowly to avoid dropping anything or running into another server. Once the drinks and desserts have been served and the sparklers have gone out, it's best to remove them immediately, since they'll still be hot, and dispose of them in a bucket of water that is kept in the kitchen.

Nightlife Supplier wants everyone to have a safe and enjoyable celebration, no matter if they're at a club or a private party. We have both standard and extended burn champagne sparklers, and with the proper training, your staff can safely handle either whenever they're serving one table or the entire party!