Make Your Next Gig the Best Yet

20th Oct 2015

If you've just started a band, or you've been gigging with the same people for many years, you're always looking forward to your next show. You've probably played the smallest bars and venues in your town, and may have played a few bigger stages here and there. As a guitar player, drummer, or bassist, you're always wanting to make your next gig even better. At Nightlife Supplier, we carry party supplies, such as glow sticks and LED batons that are perfect for handing to attendees as they enter the venue. They can wear them around their wrist or their neck, or wave them in the air during your set, creating a fun and energetic atmosphere.

One product that we carry that would be perfect for your gig are our Custom LED Foam Sticks. You supply your band's logo or artwork, and we'll create a custom LED product just for you. You can hand them to people as they come in, or distribute them during your set. People will be able to take them home and remember what a fantastic show it was. You can choose from a variety of foam stick sizes, but be sure to call or email with your custom order, so we can be sure to receive your exact specifications. You can also receive bulk pricing on large orders.

If you've been working on new songs to get ready for your next gig, make sure the venue is lit up with fun and energy by shopping at Nightlife Supplier for glow sticks, LED batons, and more. Everyone in the crowd will have a great time, and you'll surely gain more fans!