Make Your Grand Opening a Success with Bottle Sparklers!

9th Jul 2015

You've spent the last few years dreaming about opening a club or a restaurant. You've invested time and money into the endeavor and now, your grand opening is only a few weeks away. Everything inside is set, including the tables, booths, chairs, and dance floor, and all you need are excited patrons to fill the venue. When the big night arrives, make the occasion memorable with glow sticks, LED batons, and bottle sparklers from Nightlife Supplier.

You are most likely planning some special deals for your opening night, including featured food and drink offerings. When the inaugural champagne is served, you can light up the club with sparklers and LED lights on the bottles, and your customers will go crazy as the commemorative cake is served with sparkler candles. Anyone that was able to make it in the door that night will love the party that you throw, and glow sticks and bracelets that you give them will make the perfect mementos.

Before your grand opening date arrives, make sure your club is stocked with all the perks that will make the night an unforgettable event. Nightlife Supplier has bottle sparklers, candles, and everything you need to spice up everyone's experience. People will be talking about the opening for months, and as the word spreads, more and more customers will show up to experience what your club has to offer. If you have any questions about our wholesale pricing, or want to inquire about quantities, please feel free to contact us at any time.