LED Foam Glow Sticks and Glow Paint for Your Performers

28th Jul 2015

When you're preparing the entertainment lineup for your nightclub, you most likely talk to DJs, professional dancers, and live music acts. You want people to have an unforgettable time in your club, and you know that everything has to be perfect, from the lights and the stage, to the music and the atmosphere. However, you won't always have a big name headliner packing the venue, and providing nightly entertainment can seem like a challenge. If you want to provide your regular staff of entertainers with something that makes them stand out, visit Nightlife Supplier and pick up LED foam glow sticks and glow paint. 

By adding color and movement to your stage and dance floor, you can entice patrons to leave their tables and join in the fun. If you have platforms for entertainers and dancers, you can aim a black light or spotlight on them, showcasing the glow paint on their arms, legs, and faces. Foam glow sticks are ideal for your staff to hold while dancing, adding more color and movement with each song. They also make the perfect party favor for your customers, and they're safe for those that get a bit overzealous on the dance floor.

You want your guests to have an amazing time when they visit your nightclub, and providing them with quality entertainment is a sure way to do that. Find glow paint, glow sticks, and much more at Nightlife Supplier, spicing up your nightly entertainment and giving your performers that edge that makes the show unforgettable.