LED Bottle Lights for Your Holiday Gatherings

26th Oct 2015

While Nightlife Supplier mostly supplies nightclubs and restaurants around the world with LED bottle lights, champagne sparklers, and other fantastic products, we're always happy to help personal party planners improve their private events at home. If you're hosting your friends or family for the holidays this year, you want to create an experience that will be truly memorable. Whether you're serving wine, champagne, or mixed drinks, illuminating the tables with sparklers and bottle lights is the perfect celebratory touch.

For a festive atmosphere, our LED bottle sticker lights in red and green are the ideal choice. They feature brightly colored LEDs, and with a 3M™ adhesive, you know they'll stick perfectly to any bottle. They're thin, so they won't cause the full bottle of champagne or wine to tip over when you set it down, and they're completely waterproof. You can set the LEDs to fast blinking, slow blinking, or steady on, and they'll last for up to 30 hours! They're best when used on clear spirits, so the light is properly diffused through the bottle.

If you're hosting a gathering at your house this holiday season, make it brighter and more exciting with products from Nightlife Supplier. We'll send you the LED lights of your choice, along with anything else you need for your holiday party. You can decorate your dining room table or bar area, and every guest that visits during the season will love spending time at your house. Look through our selection of party products today!