Check Things Off Your List Before Your Big Opening

30th Sep 2015

When the grand opening of your nightclub is fast approaching, you've hopefully made a list of everything that needs to get done before the date arrives. You've received your liquor license, you've passed a health code inspection, and if you're in a new building, you've gotten your certificate of occupancy. The hiring of employees has been taken care of, and you've trained them on the processes and protocols of the establishment. All that's left is to find the perfect decor and favors for your big party, and the best place to do that is Nightlife Supplier.

We carry bottle service sparklers, glow sticks, and everything else you need to prepare for your big night. If you're someone that's extremely organized, you can break down your favors and perks by club section. You can reserve the champagne sparklers for the VIP section, and hand out LED batons and glow sticks to those on the dance floor. With the food and drink menus complete, people can order off your LED boards, and you can hand patrons their receipts on backlit check presenters. If you really want the party to have a bang, pick up a CO2 cannon or a confetti blaster from our store.

As the grand opening approaches, and your list gets shorter (or longer, depending on how many new things pop up), you can feel confident that you have everything you need, such as bottle service sparklers and LED menus, by shopping at Nightlife Supplier. We have the perfect party products!