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CO2 Party Cannon Guns


CRYO Guns, otherwise known as CO2 Guns,or CO2 Cannons,  PartyGuns, Party Cannons, or Cryo Jets, are becoming one of the hottest special effects and funnest Special Event Special Effect add-ons available in the Nightlife and Nightclub Industry! The days of $50,000 CO2 systems are over, and now any Venue from a large concert venue to a weekly or monthly party can add to their Showcase or line up a special effects CO2 show.
It is an awesome experience, and it is the only way you can completely change the temperature of a dance floor in just seconds, as well as to "wow" everyone in the room. These larger CO2 systems are great if you have the financial means to provide that for your clients, however, we are now seeing alot more Venues investing in these portable CO2 Systems and even the traveling Bands, Shows, and DJ's are starting to Tour with them. 

The CO2 Cannons are a great Special effect for any Venue and can add such a hype with its Cryo Chilling effect as well as visuals and sound. 


Nightlife Supplier is not responsible or held liable for any damages resulting from use of this equipment or any CO2 equipment. Any other use is prohibited and can cause extreme dangers to anyone in the vicinity. CO2 Jets and CO2 guns should never be pointed directly at people closer than 5 feet in distance. All equipment should be tested before actual use in front of an audience. All equipment sold on this website is intended for use as special effects. CO2 Jets and CO2 Guns should never be pointed at someone’s face for an extended period of time as CO2 displaces oxygen. Nightlife Supplier is NOT responsible or held liable for misuse or damages resulting from the equipment listed herein, buyer assumes all responsibility. This equipment listed within this website is for special effects purposes only and should be used only by professionals such as a special effects technician or a knowledgeable operator who fully understands the use, operation, effects, and dangers of this equipment listed herein.